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Customize object serialization with `copyreg` in Python for more reliable `pickle` handling.

To use `copyreg` in Python to make `pickle` more reliable, you can follow the guidelines provided in “Better way 68” of the book “Effective Python: 59 Specific Ways to Write Better Python” by Brett Slatkin.

The `copyreg` module in Python allows you to register functions that are used when pickling objects. By registering functions with `copyreg`, you can customize how objects are serialized and deserialized by the `pickle` module.

To use `copyreg` effectively, you can follow these steps:

1. Define a function that creates an instance of the object you want to pickle.
2. Register this function with `copyreg` using the `pickle` module’s `pickle` method.
3. When pickling an object, `copyreg` will use the registered function to serialize the object.
4. When unpickling the object, `copyreg` will use the registered function to deserialize the object.

By using `copyreg` in this way, you can ensure that the serialization and deserialization of objects using `pickle` are more reliable and customized to your specific needs.

In summary, to use `copyreg` effectively in Python, you can register functions for pickling and unpickling objects to make the `pickle` module more reliable in serialization and deserialization processes.