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Enhance terminal interactivity with `curses` by defining color pairs and creating clickable buttons using Python.

To use `curses` in Python for creating clickable buttons or text in a terminal/console, you can utilize the `curses.init_pair` function to define different colors and attributes for the text and buttons. Here is a detailed explanation of how to achieve this:

1. **Setting Up Color Pairs:**
– The `curses.init_pair(pair_number, foreground_color, background_color)` function is used to define color pairs. The `pair_number` is an integer from 1 to 7 that represents the pair you are defining.
– Each color has a corresponding integer value. For example, `curses.COLOR_RED` is represented by 1, `curses.COLOR_GREEN` by 2, and so on.
– You can create color pairs using `curses.init_pair` for both normal and highlighted states of the text or buttons.

2. **Creating a Menu Function:**
– Define a function named `menu` that takes a title, a list of classes (options), and an optional color parameter.
– Within the `menu` function, handle the rendering of the menu items, highlighting the selected item, and detecting user input to navigate through the options.
– Use the color pairs defined earlier to display the text in different colors based on the state (normal or highlighted).

3. **Implementation Example:**
– After defining the `menu` function, you can call it with specific parameters to display a menu with options.
– The function will render the menu on the terminal/console and allow the user to navigate through the options using arrow keys.
– Upon pressing enter, the selected option will be returned by the `menu` function.

4. **Prerequisites:**
– Make sure you have the `curses` module installed. If you are using Windows, you can install the `windows-curses` package using `python -m pip install windows-curses`.
– Ensure that your Python environment supports the `curses` module for terminal/console manipulation.

5. **Usage:**
– You can create interactive elements like buttons or selectable text in the terminal using `curses` and the `menu` function defined.
– By leveraging the color pairs and keyboard input handling provided by `curses`, you can simulate a basic interactive interface within the terminal.

In summary, the `curses.init_pair` function allows you to define color pairs for text in the terminal, enabling you to create interactive elements like buttons or selectable options. By implementing a menu function and utilizing the capabilities of `curses`, you can enhance the user experience within the terminal environment.